Once Upon A Thyme

Our Story

"It's always best to start at the beginning"

Glinda the Good Witch of the North, Wizard of Oz

The story of Drake Laboratory does not have a particularly glamorous beginning.

The business was started with next to no money and even less business experience at a kitchen table by a mother with a baby on her hip. Not the stuff of fairytales most might say and we would have to agree. And although this is not a fairytale that does not make it any less magical.

Our Story, Drake Apothecary Creation Station
Our Story

This is a story of the making of somethings out of nothings, the building of a dream, a promise made to a river, a mother’s love, a shot in the dark, the words of a flower and a lady made out of stars. No this is not a fairytale. This is the story of life well-lived.

Drake Laboratory is not just a business.
It is a member of the family.
It is a piece of our hearts.

Stay tuned for our YouTube channel coming soon 😊