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Melanie Gratton

Melanie Gratton

About Me

My love of the outdoors runs deep and I’m blessed to have the opportunity to share that passion with my beautiful daughter, loving partner and many friends and family. Whether kayaking on a local waterway or hiking deep in the woods, I feel a firm connection to the world around me, seeking out ways to positively influence the future of our planet.

That same passion for nature is what drew me to Drake Laboratory and the quality of their products has made me a true believer. Not only do their products work, but their lessened impact on the environment is important to me. The Drake Laboratory slogan,“Made with Positive Intentions and Love” reflects their hope and optimism for the future and I am proud to be a part of the team.

If you already love your Drake Laboratory products, why not share your enthusiasm and earn some FREE and half-off items? Gather your friends for a fun night of pampering where you will not only learn about these fabulous products but also get to try them on. Contact me to plan your party and get you the most rewards for sharing Drake Laboratory.

Ever thought you had more to offer but weren’t quite sure how to take that first step? Ever dreamed of owning your own business or earning extra cash? If you are looking for a new fun and exciting adventure, not to mention an opportunity to make lasting friendships, look no further. Come explore how helping men and women look and feel their best can fulfill all those desires! I look forward to hearing from you.

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