Welcome to Drake Laboratory

Handcrafted Herbal Health and Beauty Care Products Made in Caledon,Ontario

Welcome to Drake Laboratory

Thank you for visiting. Please feel free to take a look around and make yourself at home.

Let us introduce ourselves and tell you what we are all about.

Our Philosophy

Do No Harm.
Tell No Lies.

We believe that all you do should be done from a place of love. We are steadfast and uncompromising in our commitment to the quality, authenticity and transparency of our company, the products we create and the process in which we create them.

Our Mission

Staying true to our roots in traditional botanic practices our goal is to create clean, safe, effective, high quality herbal and aromatherapy health, beauty and personal care products with as minimal an ecological footprint as we possibly can.

Our Word

Drake Laboratory was built on a promise made to a Birch Tree, a Heron and a Lady made of stars. It was built on a commitment of stewardship and service to all people, flora and fauna of all the natural world.

Our Products Are

Plant Based



Cruelty Free

No Animal Testing

Free of Harmful Chemicals

No parabens, SLS/sulfates, phthalates, phosphates, DEA, petroleum, silicones and gluten free

Environmentally Conscious

Made with recycled / recyclable packaging and materials


Of renewable & sustainable resources

And Always... Made With Positive Intentions & Love